Measurement of resistance

Hello friends, in this blog article we will learn different methods for the measurement of resistance. We will first see, what are the different types of methods in short and will explain the same in details in separate blog articles.

Measurement of Resistance

Before learning different types of methods for measurement of resistance, we will first see the classification of resistance. From the point of view of measurement, we have three types of resistances as follows:

  1. Low resistances: < 1Ω
  2. Medium resistances: 1Ω to 100,000Ω
  3. High resistances: >100,000Ω

A. Measurement of Low resistance

  1. Ammeter-Voltmeter method
  2. Kelvin’s double bridge method
  3. Potentiometer method
  4. Ducter

B. Measurement of Medium resistance

  1. Ammeter-Voltmeter method
  2. Substitution method
  3. Wheatstone bridge method
  4. Ohmmeter method

C. Measurement of High resistance

  1. Direct deflection method
  2. Loss of Charge method
  3. Megohm bridge
  4. Megger