Show Hide Fields Based on Dropdown Selection: Sharepoint 2013

In the previous tutorial, we have learnedĀ How to Create List and Libraries in SharePoint 2013. Today we are going to learn how to Show/Hide fields based on Drop down selection in SharePoint 2013, which is also implemented in Nintex Form with Rules. This is useful when we need to show or hide some fields depend on the selection of another field (column).

How to Show/Hide Column Fields Based on Other Fields

In this tutorial we are going to hide ‘State’ and ‘City’ fields when the user selects ‘Other’ in Country field with Content Editor Web part i.e. CEWP. Here Country field is drop-down. This method is also applicable to other field types. Let’s see how to hide one field based on another field.

Step 1: Create a new list and insert all the fields in it.

Step 2: Open the new item form and click on Edit Page option as shown in the screenshot.

edit page in sharepoint


Step 3: Click on Add a Web Part > Media and Content >Content Editor > Add.

Add content editor

Step 4: Click on Edit Source

Click on edit source

Step 5: Download jquery.minĀ and sputility.minĀ and upload it to your Document library.

Step 6: PasteĀ this codeĀ in that Edit source section.

<script src="/sites/abc/Style%20Library/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/sites/abc/Style%20Library/sputility.min.js"></script>
 var country = SPUtility.GetSPField('Country');
 var HideOrShowOthersField=function(){
 var countryValue = country.GetValue();

Step 7: Replace Red colored link with uploaded links. See below screenshots. Do it for both JQuery and SPUtility.min.js)
Copy link

Step 8: Click on stop editing

Click on stop editing

Here is the result. Now you can see When we choose Other in Country field State and City is hidden. When we choose India in Country State and Country fields Appear.

Hide fields

Show Hidden fields

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