Sharepoint online practice test for beginners

Sharepoint online practice test – 1


The objective of this SharePoint online test is to evaluate the basic knowledge of SharePoint for beginners. In this quiz, there are 10 Simple questions for SharePoint online. There is no time limitation for this quiz with unlimited attempts.

1. Which of the following platform cannot be used to build the workflows?

Infopath can be used to build the forms only, we cannot create workflows using infopath.

2. If you delete the list accidentally, from which of the following place you can restore it?

3. Can we use Correlation ID to lookup the errors from the logs?

In SharePoint, you get a Correlation ID (which is a GUID) attached to your logs/error messages when something happens. This ID can then be used to lookup that specific error from the logs.

4. What does ULS stands for in SharePoint?

5. In SharePoint-hosted apps, App components are hosted on either on premise or Office 365 SharePoint farm.

6. In Provider-hosted apps, App components are deployed and hosted outside of SharePoint farm.

7. Workflows are always synchronous.

8. Event Receiver can be synchronous and asynchronous.

9. Which of the following is good for large commercial application which deals with large data and lot of resources?

10. Choose all correct statements about SharePoint-hosted apps and Provider-hosted apps

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