Load Different JavaScript for Different Browsers

Hi friends, in this article we are going to learn how we can load different JavaScript for different browsers. A few days ago I was trying to implement back button in one of my HTML pages. The page on which I was trying to implement Back button was loading from one of the auto-redirected pages.

So this back button was working on Chrome browser but not on Internet Explorer. Chrome is enough intelligent browser and it can detect that the page is from one redirected page. So when we click on the back button it will land you to 2 pages back. But Internet Explorer cant has this intelligence.

When I was trying to click on the Back button in Internet Explorer, it was loading the previous page. As the previous page was having auto-redirect code so it again goes to the same page which was having Back button. So using Back button in Internet Explorer was producing a never-ending loop. So I thought to implement one trick which will load 2 page back button in IE. This can be implemented by loading Browser specific JavaScript. Using this method we can load different JavaScript for different browsers.

Browser Specific JavaScript

Here we are using Back button which will call goBack() onclick event.

 <input type="button" onclick="goBack()" value="BACK" />  

We all know that we use window.history.go(-1); for loading previous page. But we need window.history.go(-2); to load in Internet Explorer. We can use the following code which will load these actions depending on which browsers you are using.

      function goBack() {  
       // Internet Explorer 6-11  
       var isIE = /*@[email protected]*/false || !!document.documentMode;  

This script can be used to load window.history.go(-2); for IE browser and window.history.go(-1); for browsers other than IE.

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