Learn SharePoint – Online Course (Free)

Learn SharePoint – Online Course (FREE)

Hello friends, welcome to a place where I am going to share my SharePoint learnings every day. You might have gone through various SharePoint training courses but this course is specially designed for beginners who just started their journey with the SharePoint. Below are the basic topics that I have already covered on this blog so far. In coming days, I am going to add more articles every day so that we can have a single place for all the SharePoint related stuff.

We recommend you to read each article in the given order. It will help you to understand SharePoint in a better way. The best way to learn SharePoint is to have an office 365 subscription (which is free for 30 days) where you can have your own Sharepoint online environment. let’s begin…. 🙂

SharePoint Basics

  1. What is SharePoint?
  2. What are SharePoint lists and libraries?
  3. What is SharePoint designer?

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