Creating Add Only Permissions in SharePoint 2013

In this tutorial of SharePoint 2013, we will see┬áhow to create & set “Add only” permissions for a list or library. By creating add only┬ápermissions level users can not edit or delete the item. You can easily create “Add Only” permission level through Permission levels available in Site permissions settings.

Let us see step by step – how to implement this scenario in Share Point 2013 platform.

Step 1: Go to site settings > Site permissions

Site permissions

Step 2: Now click on Permission Levels from the ribbon.

permission levels


Step 3: Now you can see default permission levels. There is no option for Read Only permissions. To create new permission level for Read Only click on “Add a permission level”.

create new permission levels add only

Step 4: Now give a name for new permission levels. Type a description for this level. Select an “Add Items” checkbox from the list and click on Create.

create new permission levels add only 2


This will create a new Permission level for adding items in the list or library. When we choose this permission for any user he/she can not edit or delete the item.

Setting Add Only Permissions to a list or Library

1) Go to List (or Library) and click on List settings > Permissions for this list and click on “Stop inheriting Permissions”. This will break default permissions set to list or library. Now you can give permissions manually.

Stop inheriting permissions


2) Now click on the checkbox in front of user (or group) name for which you want to set permission as “Add only”. I am setting Add Only permission for Restricted Readers┬á(initially they are having only read permissions). Click on Edit User Permissions.

Setting permissions manually


3) Now you can see “Only add” option which we created through permission levels. Select it and click OK.

Set Add Only permission


In this way, we can set add only permissions for users so that they can’t edit or delete an item.

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