How to Create a Subsite in SharePoint 2013

Hi friends, in this series of SharePoint tutorial, today we are going to learn how to create a subsite in SharePoint 2013. We know that site is a container of objects which includes lists, document libraries, pages, etc. Site and Subsite both terms are almost same. Only the difference is, subsite lives underneath main site. So let us see how to create subsite in SharePoint 2013.

Create a Subsite in SharePoint 2013

Step 1) Click on Gear button and select Site Contents

click on site content


Step 2) A new page will open. It will show all the site contents. Scroll down the page and you will see an option for adding a new subsite. Click on it.

create new subsite in sharepoint 2013


Step 3) Now enter your subsite name, description and template for your subsite. Template is nothing but which type of site do you want. There are different options like Team site, Blank site, Blog and project site. We will see the difference between these types in upcoming posts.

how to create a subsite in sharepoint 2013


Step 4) Finally click on Create. Its done. You can see the newly created subsite under Site contents as below.

subsite in sharepoint 2013


I hope you are now able to create a subsite in sharepoint 2013. If you have any doubts feel free to ask in comment section. If you have any articles related to sharepoint or any other topic you can share with us and can earn money too!

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