Latest 67 AngularJS Interview Questions for 2018

Looking for¬†AngularJS interview questions for experienced or freshers? Here are the latest AngularJS Interview Questions for 2018.¬†AngularJS is the high demanding programming language across the globe. If you are lined up with the¬†AngularJS interview, don’t worry, just follow these top¬†AngularJS interview questions which will help you to increase your possibility of the selection.

AngularJS Interview Questions

AngularJS Interview Questions
AngularJS Interview Questions
  1. What is AngularJS?
  2. Why do we call AngularJS as client-side technology?
  3. Why do we call AngularJS as JavaScript framework?
  4. Types of web request?
  5. What is the first request?
  6. What is a post-back request?
  7. How many maximum and minimum post-back requests a webpage can have?
  8. What is the multipage application?
  9. What are limitations of multipage application?
  10. How to overcome the limitations of multipage application?
  11. What is single page application?
  12. What is full page postback?
  13. What is partial page postback?
  14. What is design pattern?
  15. What is MVC?
  16. What is the role of Model?
  17. What is the role of View?
  18. What is the role of Controller?
  19. How can we implement AngularJS in MVC?
  20. List out AngularJS versions
  21. how to download AngularJS software
  22. how to import AngularJS library into our webpage
  23. what is AngularJS directives? list out.
  24. What is ng-app?
  25. What is ng-model?
  26. What is ng-bind?
  27. What is ng-init?
  28. What is AngularJS expression?
  29. What are AngularJS objects?
  30. What is the syntax of declaring objects?
  31. What is the syntax to declare AngularJS variables?
  32. What is the syntax to declare AngularJS Arrays?
  33. How to process colections in view? Syntax?
  34. How to get the index value of the array element by using AngularJS expression?
  35. What are AngularJS modules?
  36. How to create AngularJS module?
  37. Syntax to create AngularJS module?
  38. How to bind AngularJS module to HTML view?
  39. What are AngularJS controllers?
  40. How to create angular js controller?
  41. Syntax to create angular js controller?
  42. How to bing AngularJS controller to HTML view?
  43. What are the avaialbe filters in AngularJS?
  44. How to apply the filter?
  45. Syntax to apply a filter?
  46. List out AngularJS events.
  47. syntax to define AngularJS function
  48. what is $scope?
  49. What is $event?
  50. What are the directives for fields to perform validations?
  51. What are the pre-defined states of fields?
  52. What are the pre-defined states of form?
  53. What are the rules to implement validations in AngularJS?
  54. What is the use of ‘required’ state?
  55. What is the use of ‘$error’?
  56. Syntax to display an error message?
  57. What is the fixed expression for uppercase?
  58. What is the fixed expression fo lowercase?
  59. What is the AngularJS pattern for one uppercase, one lowercase, and one special character or number?
  60. How to confirm whether the fixed expression is matched or not?
  61. What is service?
  62. What are the pre-defined services in AngularJS?
  63. What are the advantages of services in AngularJS?
  64. How to create a service in AngularJS?
  65. Syntax to create an AngularJS service with service() method?
  66. Syntax to access the service in a controller?
  67. Write the implementation of AngularJS service in step by step.

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